“My story is same as Mary’s, i too struggled” – Said Priyanka

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is India’s most prominent personality in Hollywood too, says she struggled and cried alone when she was new in Bollywood.


The actress, who is playing the five-time world boxing champion Mary Kom in a forthcoming biopic, says she shares slice of life with the sports’ legend Mary Kom. She says her story is same as that of legendary sportswoman.

“Her story is same as that of mine. I too struggled when I came in the industry and cried alone. It is basically the story of every girl, who has a dream,” she said.

The biopic is about the trials and tribulations of Mary Kom, who was born to landless farmer in Manipur and subsequently and became a boxer.

“What fascinates me about her is that I wanted to tell the story of real Mary,” said Priyanka.

“She loves singing, watching movies and everything that a girl likes,” she added.

Priyanka says, although Mary is a boxer, she is a typical girl as well as she wears a nail paint beneath her boxing gloves.

Both Mary and Priyanka were present durinf the interaction, where Mary narrated how North-East girls are treated as Nepalis and non-Indians in other parts of the country including Delhi. She said that the situation in Manipur was dreadful.

“I am scared to move around without security. My department (police) has given me security… Otherwise it is not only me but even my family won’t be safe,” she said.

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