Major security lapse on ‘Dabangg 2’ set

A serious security lapse took place on Dabangg 2 set just recently when 6 unknown guys not only entered the Mehboob Studios in Bandra, where the filming of the movie was going on, but also shook hands with Salman Khan.

Initially, people present there thought they’re members of the staff of Dabangg 2 but soon Salman Khan noticed something was wrong and his private bodyguards instantly swung into action. They threw the intruders out not just from the sets but also from the studios. The bodyguards also revealed the incident to the Mehboob Studios’ authorities and demanded a clarification for this security lapse. Now the safety has been beefed up at the studio.

An eyewitness said, “6 guys suddenly came on the set as Salman Khan was gearing up for a scene. They moved around Salman Khan for some time. Some of them then went up to him and stretched out their hands for a handshake. Salman softly shook hands thinking they’re from the staff. Suddenly, his 6th sense informed him something was bad. He’d this unusual feeling that they’re neither crew members nor invited visitors.”

The source added, Those 12 security guards are Salman’s private guards. They don’t stand like chowkidars at the door of his every set. They’re normally either around him or his parked car.

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