Madhuri Dixit doesn’t desire to be a mother yet!

Madhuri DixitEven though we’ve been viewing a lot of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit Nene in the media, actress isn’t prepared to perform movies in which she’ll have to perform a mother to the present actresses. Although, tasks are coming her way and specifics are being solved, she’s rejected Anil Kapoor when he proposed the character of Sonam Kapoor’s mommy in film.The formal factor which came out from her side was that she’s not likely to perform a mom right this moment.

But, however, she’s receiving excellent deals from Television. And production houses are prepared to go to any measures to get her on board. The tv show ‘JDJ’ staff chased her for 2 yrs. This season they went to L . A, and asked Madhuri Dixit to see original American tv show – actress clearly enjoyed and claimed yes to the tv show.

And there’s more information for all Madhuri Dixit supporters, the rumour is that actress might be judging the up coming season of the TV show too!

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