Krrish 3 may be postponed to 2013

Krrish 3Health issues have affected Hrithik Roshan for the last 6 months, but things have exacerbated to a real great extent that dad and son are deliberating whether they should keep aside all the effort and planning they’ve completed on their most serious project Krrish 3 and delay the flick.

“Through almost the whole of 2011, I hardly took even a one day off. With the outcome that my back was in such bad shape that I couldn’t even get up from bed anymore. The problems would last 4-5 days consecutively and I couldn’t even lie on my back for this reason,” recalls Hrithik.

Such was Hrithik’s issue that dad Roshan intervened and considered whether they should go ahead with their programs of launching Krrish 3 according to plan.

“He told whether we should delay it to 2013,” Hrithik says.

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