‘Kismet Love Paisa Delhi’ earns Rs. 1.75 Crs on opening day

Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat‘s comedy film Kismet Love Paisa Delhi made an approx 1.75 cars as per early reports of its First Day at the local box office. The film opened up to a devastating box office in the morning and couldn’t recover till late evening. It seems bad opinions have taken its toll on the film.

Kismet Love Paisa Delhi will be a big flop if it doesn’t pick up during the weekend, which we seriously doubt. The film has met the same fate that came upon Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal a week ago. Looking at the statistics, the footfall was more in single screens than that of multiplexes. The same saw a little progress by night shows. However, the progress was nothing significant and the movie’s collections as of now are way below targets.

Vivek did plenty of advertising for Kismet Love Paisa Delhi and it looks to have been useless. After bad reviews, the film will also get poor word of mouth which will further decline its chances of growing back at the box office.

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