‘Kick’ makes Rs. 83.83 Crs nett in 3 days

Salman Khan film ‘Kick’ managed very decent figures on day 1. The movie was released in massive 4000 plus screens in India and with the increased ticket amount, the film was predicted to score a big number on day 1 which happened followed by a somewhat similar sort of day 2 and bumper Sunday. The movie did decent figures in Rajasthan, East Punjab and Central India. Mumbai and Delhi were good, but was still more predicted out of it.


Kick earned 26.50 Cr nett on day 1 and was predicted to jump on Saturday. But surprisingly movie was again down in noon shows and jump came only after 6 PM. The movie maintained its force in Gujarat, Rajasthan and CP but Mumbai and Delhi were just very decent but not good. The movie earned 27.15 Cr nett on day 2. The movie is solid in Delhi, Central India and Gujarat but then the movie is still just decent in UP, Bihar and Nizam.

According to early reports, Kick should get around 30.18 Cr nett on day 3. The movie has received 83.83 Cr nett over the weekend and in overseas market, The movie opened to amazing response and it should get anywhere around 13 Cr nett in 2 days.

Domestic Collection
Opening day 26.50 cr
Saturday 27.15 cr
  Sunday 30.18 cr
Total Domestic Collection 83.83 cr
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