Kick Crew Waiting For Salman’s Arrival

Reported earlier that Salman Khan’s next film ‘Kick’ is all set to hit theaters next year on Eid. But making of the film is not going smooth and even the protagonist of the film; Salman Khan has not shot a single scene yet.

Initially, Salman was denied his UK visa and after that he got it, he was given a tourist visa. So on the tourist visa, he is not allowed to shoot for the film but can only roam around UK. This happened because he doesn’t have a work permit.


The shooting of Kick went on floor last month in Glasgow, UK but if reports are to be gone by, the makers of the film are planning to shoot elsewhere.

Randeep Hooda is also a part of the film. He canned a few shots.

Salman’s dad Salim Khan quoted; “My son has a tourist visa but he has not got the work permit yet. The shoot may have to be shifted elsewhere

The entire unit of Kick has been waiting in Glasgow for Salman Khan to arrive. His pending arrival has not only caused a delay in shooting but has also burned a hole in the producer’s pocket.

It is heard recently that Nadiadwala is thinking of bringing the unit back to India and start shooting here.

Reportedly, Salman has applied for work permit in the UK and it says he may get one by Friday.

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