Kareena Kapoor declines to eat eggs

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, made a unique demand, when actress told film director Shakun Batra in no unclear conditions, that she probably would not eat eggs for a movie scene, though the film script required it. Claims a crew source, “Bebo performs a hair beautician in the movie and was to shoot a morning meal scene set in a US cafe with Bollywood hunk Imran Khan.

The movie director desired his main female to consume scrambled eggs in the scene, but she rejected to.The movie director lastly gave in.The eggs were replaced with pancakes. And because of a number of retakes, the Bebo finished up eating as much as 15.”

Reveals Kareena, “I do not eat eggs. I quit eating non-vegetarian meals 6 yrs back. I informed Shakun we’re able to have me eat eggless pancakes for the scene alternatively. He was really supportive.” Actress includes that it is not a one-off trend. “Even if the scene needed it, I won’t have this kind of meals. I’ve laid down that guideline and clarify my position when I am performing any movie,” Kareena Kapoor states strongly.

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