Kangana Ranaut turns down to endorse fairness cream

Recently, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut refused an endorsement contract because the brand needed her to be active on social media. “They wanted her to promote their skin care products on Twitter and other such platforms. She doesn’t want to be on social media, so she refused to sign the deal,” says a source near to the actress.


Kangana Ranaut, it looks at maintaining her privacy in daily life. “It was obvious that if she signed up on these online accounts, her fans would want to know more about her life, and not just the brands she endorses. She didn’t want to be in a situation where she remains unavailable to her fans even as they constantly try to reach her,” adds the source.

Kangana Ranaut was apparently contacted with this offer last month. “The brand reached out to her when she was in the US, pursuing a course in screenplay writing. However, she declined the offer only last week, after reading and understanding the various commitments that would be required of her,” says the source.

When approached, the actress spokesman confirmed the news.

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