Kangana: “I don’t think I should be compared with Lady Gaga”

Bollywood gorgeous actress Kangana Ranaut, who aften covers herself in trendy outfit, says people shouldn’t campare my style with Lady Gaga. Her style is sometimes compared to Lady Gaga, who is an international singer, also popular for her fashion antics.


Kangana was at Blenders Pride Fashion Week, where she said; “Comparisons keep happening. I don’t think I should be compared with Lady Gaga because I am an actress and she is a pop star.”

“But every woman today is very powerful when it comes to fashion, be it Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga – all of them are experimenting with their looks. I think in India also we should do a lot more of these looks and clothes and make women look very strong,” she said in a statement.

Kangana’s recent film Rajjo was a famous at the box office. She will next be seen in her forthcoming film, Queen and Revolver Rani.

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