Jr. Bachchan miffed with Indian awards?

actor Abhishek Bachchan feels that the Indian awards can’t be compared to the Oscar Awards 2012 since most award events are held by media houses in India. This probably shows that Jr. Bachchan is miffed in the manner in which awards are given out in India.

Amused by the media comparing the Oscars with that of Bollywood awards, Abhishek tweeted, “Interesting to see-read many of the media comparing the Oscars to our Indian awards. Most seem to feel that we need to progress, boost our standards… Wait a minute… Are not most of OUR awards run and organised by media houses.”

Though Jr. Bachchan has not taken a dig at the Indian awards in any manner, after viewing Abhishek’s statement, one tends to surprise if the actor is unsatisfied in the manner in which the awards are distributed in India!

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