John Abraham turns down rift rumors with Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham get back together on the silver screen after 7 long yrs in Eros International’s ‘Desi Boyz’, the dramedy that marks the directorial debut of Rohit Dhawan.

Bollywood’s wagging tongues credited it all to Akshay’s penchant for snipping the characters of his co-actors, but John has set all that rumours at rest.

“There are always speculation of rivalries and all that when 2 actors are cast jointly,” John Abraham says with his trademark candour. “But no such thing has occurred along with Akshay and me before or during Desi Boyz. Not just me, Akshay wouldn’t do that to anybody.” John Abraham adds, “Akshay Kumar has been like an elder brother, his response is so gracious. He’s guided me.”

In spite of working on a tight timetable the 2 were really eager to work with each other on the movie and are now working 24 / 7 just to accommodate time for the shoot timetable.

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