Jiah Khan’s Mysterious Death Is Still A Big Question

Veteran actor Rabia Khan, whose daughter Jiah Khan’s mysterious death is yet a big question, has always insisted that it was not possible for Jiah to have committed suicide. She says that her daughter was murdered.


As we earlier informed that recent laboratory test revealed that human flesh was found underneath Jiah’s hand nail which shows a sign if struggle. This makes the case more complicated for the investigators.

The additional commissioner of police Vishwas Nangra Patil stated; “We are re-looking in to Jiah’s case and will verify all the circumstantial evidence including photographs and the CCTV footage. We will verify all the points that her mother raised in her statement and will then decide on actions to be taken.”

On Rabiya’s insist, the police has assured her that they will take opinions of medical experts and forensic experts together and will decide if they should exhume her body or not.

The 25-year-old Jiah was found hanging from the ceiling of her Juhu Apartment on June 3 at around 10pm.

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