Jiah Khan Case – 10 circumstances to judge it’s a Murder Case

Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, who was found hanging with the ceiling of her Juhu apartment in Mumbai on 3rd June, 2013, is in news feeds these days as different death circumstances are appearing according to investigations.

Her mother-actress Rabia recently told reporters in a statement; “She was fed up with the struggle… she was besotted with Bollywood, but Bollywood had nothing to offer her.”


The police earlier declared it as a suicide case without going through the proper investigation process. Months later, as Rabia forced police to re-investigate the case, the police then re-opened the mysterious death case of actress Jiah Khan. Rabia says that her daughter would never have taken such an extreme step of ending her life. She insisted police that her daughter was murdered by someone close to her.

With some found circumstances given below, it looks like Jiah Khan was murdered. And apparently Jiah Khan didn’t committed suicide.

1: As earlier we reported that human flesh was found under Jiah’s fingernails, which shows the signs of struggle.

2: The Kalina Forensic Laboratory recently reported that late actress’s underwear showed bloodstains.

3: The restless mother Rabia had also submitted the reports of an independent opinion to Dr. RK Sharma (the former head of Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology). As per Sharma’s reports, 300ml alchohol was found in Jiah’s stomach. He said in a statement; “If that amount of alcohol was found in her body, then she was clearly incapacitated and it is possible for an able-bodied person to hang an incapacitated person.”

He further said that according to reports, there is a strong possibility of Jiah’s death being a homicidal hanging.

4: Another noticeable point is the human flesh, that was found under her fingernails, was summarily destroyed by the investigation team and the case was not properly investigated

5: In a petition, submitted to the high court, stated that a person who hangs herself will be found with her tongue and eyes popping out. While in Jiah’s case, it was totally not. The petition also stated that in hanging cases, lung or brain hemorrhage is observed but apparently it was not in Jiah’s case. These points also show that Jiah was murdered.

6: According to the petition, there were injury marks on late actress’s body and face apart from the usual ligature marks that appear due to hanging. The injury spots on her left arm and a right side of her lips shows as if someone held her tightly.

7: Police said she allegedly hanged herself with a soft cloth like muslin dupatta but according to Dr. Jerajani, the depth of the ligature marks was hard to achieve with a soft material.

8: Another point to be focus was stated in the petition saying the difference in the height between the floor of the room and the ceiling fan was substantial and for Jiah to have approached to that height, she must needed a stool or chair. But at the crime scene, there was no chair or stool at all. This closely relates that Jiah Khan was murdered.

9: The ligature spots on Jaih Khan’s neck are inconsistent, thereby pointing at the possibility of strangulation. This contention has been backed by Dr. RN Jerajani, who is an independent forensic expert.

10: Jiah’s CCTV footage just before her death shows she was wearing a track suit apparently. But when she was found hanging, she was wearing a gown. This is one of the most noticeable points in Jiah Khan’s case.

Another noticeable point is that the window of that room, in which she was found hanging, was wide open despite the air conditioner switched on. It shows that someone gain entry through the window and after that he ran away through that window.

The circumstances above are most close to say that Jiah Khan was murdered and she didn’t committed suicide. Well, it’s on time and the deep investigation of the police. However we’ll let you up to date about Jiah Khan case.

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