Jacqueline Fernandez: “Mom has always been there to support me”

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who belongs to Sri Lanka, considers her beloved mother as her strong source of support.


She says her mother has been very supportive to her and that she is her life’s inspiration.

My mom always supported me. I miss her a lot. I live here alone without my parents. There are these two people who have been so strong and they have been such an inspiration for me which always keeps me going,” Jacqueline said.

They never stopped me from doing anything. When I told my mom that I am joining the Miss Sri Lanka contest, she said ‘Okay, cool’ and when I said, ‘Mom, I am moving to India’, then also she was like ‘Okay’,” added the actress, who moved her base in 2009 to try her hands in showbiz as an actor.

The actress, who was honoured with the title of Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006, says her mom has always been there to support her.

Thanking her parents for giving her the freedom to chart her own life, the actress said; “She never judged me anything, even on my bad decisions. I will always love her for that.”

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