Is Shahrukh angry with negative reviews of ‘Don 2′?

Shahrukh Khan was presently labelled the ‘most hardworking celebrity of B-town and it looks that he’s taken the moniker a little too critically. After a gruelling 2011 because of his ambitious flicks RA.One and Don 2, we’re pleased when we heard that Shahrukh would be taking a long break for family time to restore and refresh. He’s been around the world, filming and advertising his movies and he deserved a trip, wethought.

Now we hear that he has shed the plan of a long vacation and will settle for 4 days off with his family members and come back early for Yash Chopra’s film. His trips as an action hero haven’t been received too well and all the experts have loathed both RA.One and Don 2. His faithful followers have made sure that his movies don’t crash at the Box Office, but it seems that Shahrukh is unhappy by his current report and wants to do some damage control, for which he’s banking on the Yash Chopra film.

As delighted as we are about viewing SRK stand with his feet apart, fling his arms out, and sing soulfully as a loving hero yet again, we simply desire he doesn’t burn himself out with all the dedication that he is putting into his work. We desire to see more of him for a while to come, after all!

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