Is Salman Khan overconfident on his recent success?

Salman Khan has a record of giving consecutive hits. The actor is so confident about his success that he has set a few new guidelines for Bollywood makers. He’s decided to pay a fixed sum to film makers so that he can keep the rest of the income with him.

A source told a top daily, “Though several may feel that Salman’s decision smells of over-confidence, the fresh guideline makes a lot of sense. One needs to understand, that by agreeing to pay the production charges and a set amount to the film makers, Salman is taking a big risk. In case a flick fails to generate expected profits, he’ll lose big money.”

The source more added, “Over the last few years, Salman’s movies at an average made around Rs 140-150 crore. And with this new guideline, the maker will stand to get only Rs 15-20 crs apart from the production expenses. A huge sum that would have earlier gone to the film makers would now be taken by Salman Khan.”

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