Is Salman Khan angry with Shahrukh Khan?

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is currently angry with friend turned enemy Shahrukh Khan over his advertising action for Don 2. After Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan has been on a advertising spree for his forthcoming movie Don 2.

Currently, Shahrukh was seen riding a bicycle with his daughter Suhana on an early sunny morning hours in Bandra,  where he lives. That was apparently a advertising strategy for Don 2 as Shahrukh had asked journalists to watch and cover the dad-daughter enjoy the cool trip.

According to sources, this didn’t go down too well with Salman Khan who often goes riding a bicycle in between shoots and in his spare time. However, Salman till day never asked journalists to cover the spectacle. He’s reportedly of the opinion that a dad-daughter enjoying a cool cycle drive is something very private and should not be utilized to garner advertising.

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