Irrfan Khan To Host “Emergency Room” At National Geographic Channel

Film-star Irrfan Khan will anchor the upcoming show Emergency Room which will showcase the happenings inside the emergency ward of a hospital. The show will be aired on the National Geographic Channel.

Irrfan also hosted some episodes of Mano Ya Na Mano 2. The actor is returning to small screen to reprise his role as a host in National Geographic Channel. The show revolves around the real life experiences of people who deal with medical emergencies.


Khan was at launch of the show where he said, “This show gave me a chance to go inside the emergency room and make people aware of the issue. I am just an anchor on the show and have a very small role to play

The series will go aired from August 12 and is divided into 20 parts. Channel has collaborated with Medanta  Hospital where the filming of the show has taken place.

Many times, people debate whether they should get involved in a situation or not. They are worried that they will get trapped in legal troubles when they get involved. The show will address this issue also. We want to create awareness that a little sensitivity can save lives,” Irrfan said.

The series will encourage people to get involved in such situation which may help in saving many lives.

Irrfan dismissed the suggestion that the show was similar to the American drama Greys Anatomy. He said the US show is scripted whereas Emergency Room depicts real life situations.

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