Imran Khan Loves Animated Films

Bollywood actor Imran Khan says he always admired animated movies. The actor had a wonderful experience dubbing for Hollywood’s upcoming film Rio 2, a sequel to 2011 hit film Rio.


Imran says he watched Rio and found it fantastic when it released couple of years ago.

“The macaw Blu is a complete delight on-screen and when I was approached to voice Blu in Rio 2 I readily agreed to be a part of the film. Though I have always admired animations from a viewer’s point of view, this time with Rio 2 I learnt about many fascinating elements that combine to make the final stellar film,” Imran said.

“There are so many nuances that synergize beautifully and it’s a completely different world when we compare to other movies. I had fun while dubbing as I had complete freedom of giving various reactions, expressions through my voice, which is different from Bollywood, where we re-enact our dialogues shot previously,” the actor added.

“I also got a chance to sing a few lines of Blu in the movie for a party sequence that was an awesome moment,” Imran said.

Rio 2 is set to hit theaters on April 11. The English version of the movie will have voices of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway.

Set in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro, Rio 2 will feature the return of Blu, Jewel and their 3 kids who leave their domesticated life for a journey to the Amazon rainforest.

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