Hrithik to give a challenge to Aamir Khan

If Aamir Khan is undergoing tough working out for ‘Dhoom 3’ then Hrithik Roshan is also leaving no stone unturned to create ‘Krrish 3’ massive at the box-office. To get into shape both the celebs have appointed overseas instructor. Hrithik has appointed most high-priced trainers – Kris Gethin and Maraica Johnson for getting into shape while Aamir has appointed trainer Gerald Zarcilla to coach him in fighting techinques and gymnastics.

A source says, “Kris Gethin came down to Mumbai in Sept for the Mr Olympia competition. That’s when he met a common buddy of Hrithik. And when Hrithik was considering of employing a instructor to help him get in shape for ‘Krrish 3’, the buddy advised Kris.”

“The bodybuilding process that Kris utilizes is called DTP. Hrithik will have to go through tough workout sessions that will change weekly,” added the source.

Aamir says during a latest discussion, “I have to bring down my bodyweight to 60 kilos with just 10 % body weight. So that’s going to be a challenge.”

So, it’s likely to be a massive fight at the box-office.

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