Hrithik Roshan again injured on the sets of ‘Agneepath’

Agneepath seems to fall tough and hard on actor Hrithik Roshan. Couple of days back, Hrithik suffered a heat stroke during the movie’s shoot in Madh Island, now, Hrithik has hurt his back.

As per the sources, the fact was exposed that Hrithik was supposed to lift a burly fighter, who weighs close to 110 kg during Agneepath’s shoot. The scene was a extremely crucial one in the film but, Hrithik planned to do it by himself without utilizing body double. But, it was not a very easy task for the actor. While, filming the scene, Hrithik was struck horribly with serious back pain.

Hrithik Roshan was instantly rushed to Breach Candy Hospital. On being enquired by Mumbai Mirror, Dr Anirudh Kohli from Breach Candy Hospital revealed his reluctance to publicise this kind of information about Hrithik.

But, when approached Hrithik dad Rakesh Roshan, he refused the real fact and says that Hrithik’s back pain was as a result of his over-worked daily activities since he’d no time for break during his Television show Just Dance and Agneepath’s shoot.

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