How Kareena Maintains Her Flawless Beauty?

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who is famous for her flawless beauty, says she doesn’t follow any particular beauty regime but avoids using any kind of facial chemicals.


I don’t follow any particular regime as such. But moisturization is important for me as I have a dry skin. I don’t use any chemical on my face. I do pilates to keep myself fit,” Kareena said.

Kareena, 33, says she use to keep her lustrous locks healthy she oils them regularly.

I try to oil my hair regularly and it feels nice too. It’s a kind of stress-buster. Everybody likes a nice hair and body massage,” said Kareena.

The actress said that off-screen she like to be casual.

Brands don’t really matter… I would be happy to travel in my jeans and kurta and walk around in pyjamas for that matter. I can stay in my track-pants all day and feel comfortable. Style is more about your attitude and it is not really about what you wear. You need to carry what you wear,” she said.

The wife of actor Saif Ali Khan, says she loves junk food but she has maintained her figure through regular exercise.

I am a Punjabi and everywhere you go in Delhi there is such amazing food. But I exercise regularly,” she said.

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