Himesh teams up with Salman Khan to beat Ra.One

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has currently come to the save of close buddy Himesh Reshammiya’s forthcoming movie Damadamm, which is planned to launch on the very same day of Shahrukh Khan’s Ra.One. Salman Khan is apparently support Himesh and is also likely to view Himesh’s movie in a especially arranged trial.Both Ra.One and Damadamm are planned to launch on October 26.

As Ra.One connected to Shahrukh Khan and is also the most discussed film of the season, Himesh is clearly feeling really unconfident and has turned to good friend Salman Khan, whom he thinks about to be his lucky charm.According to Mumbai Mirror, Himesh Reshammiya will be showing his movie to Salman Khan before the launch of the movie.

Moreover, Salman Khan is also giving the musician ideas on film promotion. Himesh says that though his movie is pitted against SRKs Ra.One, he’s really positive that Damadamm will bring a smile on the faces of the viewers and leave a mark.

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