Has Anushka Sharma done a lip surgery?

Actress Anushka Sharma, who appeared in a TV show recently, is in the news for her most recent lip job. Most Anushka fans, who seen the show, noticed a change in Anushka Sharma’s appearance and simply found out that it is her lips.

anushka sharma

The Anushka’s lips were very thin when noticed her in numerous movies last year. But in the show, she seemed with very big lips that enhances the charisma of her appearance. It is reported that Anushka has done a nose and lip surgery, which made her looks more worldwide. But one part of her fans don’t like the change in her appearance and opined that she was lovely in her natural self.

But Anushka Sharma rubbished the speculation of her lip surgery, saying, “I have read this and you want to make me feel uncomfortable (by asking this)… This is a highly personal question. I don’t believe in these things and I have always said that I dont need to.” She stated that she is not a fool to change her looks midway through her career.

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