Govinda Marries His Wife Sunita Again?

Bollywood veteran actor Govinda, who married Sunita Ahuja, recently celebrated 25th anniversary on January 14th where they arranged a private wedding ceremony in London. The event was attended by the close friends and family members. However their kids Yashvardan Ahuja and Narmmadaa Ahuja didn’t attended the event as mother Sunita laughs and says that the kids aren’t supposed to see their parents getting married.


But what was the reason behind this cute re-wedding plan? Sunita spoke; “It was better than the first time. Twenty five years ago, Govinda was at the peak of his career. Those days, it was believed that marital status affects the fan following of a star and hence, we had kept out marriage a secret for the longest time. I remember we only announced the wedding after our daughter Narmmadaa was born. This time around, I was more excited as it wasn’t chup chup ke. It was his idea. His close friend Faisal made all the arrangements and his friends insisted that we do it in London. Havan, pheras, sindoor, mangalsutra…everything happened as per the rituals.”

When asked if they exchanged any gifts on this special day, Sunita smiles and says; “His gift to me was the beautiful mangalsutra and I have already gifted him two anmol ratans — our children.”

Govinda, 50, married Sunita Ahuja, who is Govinda’s maternal uncle Anand Singh’s wife’s sister. The couple tied the knot in 1987.

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