Ganguly turns down clash with Shahrukh Khan

Ever since Sourav Ganguly has been overlooked of Shahrukh’s IPL side, KKR, for the IPL season this current year, there have been gossips indicating that the connection between the 2 has soured.

Though Shahrukh has always retained that he desired Ganguly achievement in whatever he may select to do next, Sourav has had quite minor to say about the topic.However, Sourav, in a current discussion with the IANS, has set the reports right by expressing that the stories about his conflict with SRK are false, as the Bollywood actor is a really nice buddy of his.

“SRK is similar to my elder brother and he will remain so,” says Sourav. He explains that he doesn’t realize where the reports about a cold war come from, and that the reports are incorrect.”I have no idea from where these kinds of untrue reports of conflict between me and Shah Rukh have come up. There’s no such thing. It’s completely incorrect. Shah Rukh is a great buddy of mine and I understand him for a long period, says Ganguly.

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