Furious Akki slapped a security guard

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has accused a safety guard from a building of grabbing his boy Aarav’s bottom, although security guard has another story to inform. The security company although statements that the person was basically doing his duty by preventing the actor son from entering a meter area in the builiding.

A person of TGES informed Bollywood actor and his son were going to a close colleague, when Akshay found drawn right into a discussion along with a resident upstairs. With his dad’s interest moving away from him, Aarav (Akshay Son) came down to the building’s lobby and Akshay directly into the room which had all the electricity meters.Security guard, who noticed the actor son walk into the meter area, sprang to his legs and taken him out of there, just before Aarav might touch any live wire and hurt himself.

Akki and his wife Twinkle, although, declare that their son did not enter in the meter room, and Bhandari is just trying to protect his face. According to reports, actor even slapped the security guard Bhandari, not 1 time, but twice.

Akshay Kumar wife actress Twinkle Khanna says that Aarav didn’t go into the meter room. That’s just security guard’s version.Aarav was going up the the steps together with his buddy when security guard came right behind them and pinched his buttocks. Aarav quickly brought it to my observe. At this point of time his buddy said that Security guard tried this to him too. One more child from their team also had a related experience. Aarav has been fearless enough to talk about this to us. He has been a hero.”

The Bhandari has been dismissed from his work.

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