Four More Weeks for Sanjay Dutt To Surrender

sanjya-dutt-1Sunjay Dutt, again, has been given some relief by the Supreme Court. He has blessed another four weeks of freedom before he heads to jail to complete his five-year term for illegally possessing weapons in case related to the 1993 bomb blasts.

It proved good news for Sanjay because he is getting time to complete his project. He will be able to finish Rajkumar Hirani’s film, Peekay. Movie is featuring Aamir Khan. It is about a week of shooting left.

The actor was to surrender tomorrow, April 18, but applied for and extension of six months earlier this week.  Supreme Court granted Sanjay a four weeks of the six months on humanitarian grounds. Sanjay has served 18 months of his sentence and will return to jail for a little over three years.

A source close to Peekay crew revealed that Rajkumar Hirani had requested Aamir Khan to reschedule his shoots for Dhoom 3 so that the portions with Sanjay Dutt could be completed.

Where Mr. Hirani said, “Yes, about eight days of shooting is left with Sanjay Dutt.”, when contacted.

It’s not only a relief for Sunjay Dutt but also for director Hirani. Sunjay will now be seen in the Peekay.

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