For Rohit Shetty, Chennai Express Was a Romantic Film

What filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s approach on romantic genre for films? He pointed one of his films as “romantic movie”.


The director considers his Chennai Express as a romantic flick. When asked why he doesn’t make full-fledged romantic movies, he replied: “When I try to make a romantic film, it turns out to be a ‘Chennai Express’.”

Shetty says as a filmmaker his priority is to make a film that entertains the masses and recovers expenses.

Chennai Express that mainly features Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan was basically a romantic comedy however it had the Rohit Shetty element in the form of high-octane action sequences. It is an art that Shetty has mastered over the years. Luckily, the audiences accepted it and the film became the blockbuster of 2013.

“It depends on many aspects. What happens with my films is that it is always a big budget film with a lot of money pumped in. I need to recover that money because I cannot make somebody sell his house because of my film,” Rohit Shetty said.

“I cannot cheat the audience ever. That makes no sense! This is my audience, I cater to them and I know how to make films for them,” he added.

When asked that is box office business his priority, the Singham director replied; “When you make a film, you want your money to be recovered … unlike earlier times when a film doing well was not counted by how much it earned (at the box office), but on the basis of how many days it ran in theatres.”

“Now we say the film has earned Rs.100 crore or Rs.150 crore or Rs.200 crore. Business is definitely important because otherwise, you won’t survive,” he added.

Shetty has delivered another big project Singham Returns that features Kareen Kapoor and Ajay Devgn in lead. The film has earned 50 crores in 2 days, according to reports.

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