Foes Shilpa and Preity Zinta turn friends again

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty and have apparently mended their walls. Apparently, Preity and Shilpa turned into opponents when they became business owners of their IPL franchise squad respectively. However, issues turned out to be uglier when Preity had told anybody in the movie sector about how does Shilpa handles to wear this type of great stylish outfits and carry pricey bags and equipment.

In a way, Preity enquired about Shilpa husband Raj Kundra’s economic rank. But when this chit chat came to Shilpa, she was taken aback by this kind of unacceptable topic and shot back at Preity by stating that who helps and gives for Preity Zinta.Given their issues, Bollywood greatly predicted their cat fight and quarrels.

However, not long ago when the 2 actresses met on a trip, rather than a cat fight, what came up was a good discuss as the 2 celebrities fixed their issues by removing the much overdue misconceptions. They’ve already hidden all their issues and back colleagues yet again

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