Finally Farah Khan patches up with SRK

Although Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s public apology was unable to work on Salman Khan, it did wonders for his connection with director Farah Khan. News has it that Farah Khan spent nearly about half an hour with SRK in his vanity van.

Eyewitness said, “First we saw Priyanka Chopra going into his van, followed by Farah Khan. Priyanka came out of the van very instantly but Farah stayed on. But half an hour later, both Farah and SRK came out of the van. Farah seemed to look very relieved and pleased after the meeting.”

When enquired, Farah verified her restored relationship with SRK to media persons, “We were friends and will always be. There were misunderstandings between us that have been removed some time ago. All was usual like it has to be.”

Apparently, Farah and SRK have been thick friends for the last two decades with the former choreographing all his films, barring ‘Ra.One’.  It seems Farah has finally realised that her films cannot work without SRK.

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