Extreme Step Of Jiah Khan Inspired Filmmakers

Jiah-KhanThe daughter of the veteran actress Rabia Amin ‘Jiah Khan’ who had committed suicide, has inspired Indian filmmakers to make a film on her life named Bold Bollywood.

The launch of the movie was held at a five star recently.

According to some source, the film Bold Bollywood is a story of three aspiring starlets who come to Mumbai to make a career in Bollywood. The director Rikshhit Matta says “The media reports surrounding the sad death of Jiah Khan, the heartbreak and the subsequent loss moved me. Success in Bollywood is elusive and there are a lot of pitfalls. My film is a sincere attempt to expose the underbelly of the film fraternity.One of the characters is similar to Jiah Khan and the ups and down she went through in her career and life”

The producer Shabana Hashmi says, “We want to bring forth the dark side of the glamour world. Even for our future projects, we want to take up subjects with a message that bring about an awareness in society.”

The film may lead the newcomers to learn something.

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