“Earlier films had content, but these days films lack content” – Said Sunny Deol

The actor Sunny Deol, who is the part of Bollywood industry for three decades, says filmdom is going through a strange phase as the content of the movies has taken a backseat. He feels that the marketing has become dominant.


“Earlier films had content, but these days films lack content. At times people say they didn’t like a film, but that film ends up making money. Bahut hi ajeeb daur chal raha hai,” he told reporters.

The actor, who is preparing for his next film Singh Saab The Great, feels that the publicity of the film is a key to success.

“This is the reality. If you don’t talk about your film, you will not get to know about it,” he added.

The film itself inspired him to change and he said; “Change is basically inspired by the tagline of the film – badla nahi badlaav – you have to change yourself.”

“So, I thought why not bring a change in myself first. In today’s time, it is important to reach out to the audience. So we have to do promotions. So, why not enjoy the whole process? I thought, let’s have fun. I have learned over the years that if it is important, go ahead with it,” said Mr. Deol.

He said that if his film is not good, he do not want it to be successful.

“I am the kind of person who wants honesty. If my film is bad, I don’t want it to be successful. But if it were good then I’d definitely want it to be successful. That’s the way I am. At the moment I desperately want a film of mine to be successful. If this film is successful, then I have some lovely things lined up, which I want to do,” he added.

The 57-year-old feels that audiences should judge a movie after watching it themselves.

“Loads of money and time are spent on a film and we wait for that one Friday and then we have some critics who criticize it, others praise it.”

“Millions and millions of people follow critics, which is so stupid. I have never gone to see a film because a critic praised it. I always watch a film because I liked the trailer,” said the son of veteran actor Dharmendra.

Beside his silver screen appearance in upcoming film Singh Saab The Great, the actor will soon make his small screen debut as the host of a reality-based crime show titled Savdhaan India. He also praises the medium and said; “The television industry is doing really well. It’s doing wonders.”

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