Don 2 most viewed video on YouTube

Shahrukh Khan seems to be most liked of netizens this yr as trailors of his 2 films, Don 2 and RA.One, have emerged as 2 most viewed videos in the country on video sharing website YouTube. As per YouTube, trailers of ”Don 2” have been the most viewed video this yr, followed by his other production ”RA.One”.Trailers of Agneepath and Singham followed in the list.

“Bollywood is major part of the YouTube experience in India and the YouTube community likes the variety of the material available on the platform. “In 2011, Indians loved a complete range of material from full-length films, Television shows, live sports, songs videos, film trailers and a lot more. Jennifer Lopez, with her ”On The Floor” number, appeared as the most viewed music videos, followed by Salman Khan”s ”Dhinka Chika”, ”Teri meri prem kahani” and ”Character Dheela”.

Other most searched music videos include ”Dhunki” from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Bhaag DK Bose (Delhi Belly) and ”Why This Kolaveri Di”. ”Kolaveri Di” was also the quickest increasing music video of the yr in India, receiving over 25 million views within a month of its launch on YouTube.

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