Does Priyanka Chopra have a new guy in her life?

Actress Priyanka Chopra has something fine that is apparently coming on her way. Priyanka, who appeared in Simi Garewal’s most recent talk show came across an appealing news. In the episode shot way back in May, tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani estimated that Priyanka would shortly get ‘involved’ with an actor.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, “In the part where tarot card reader, Munisha Khatwani forecasts a celebrity’s future, Priyanka was informed that she will be ‘deeply involved’ with an actor. ‘He is strong and like a prince – so well established’, Munisha had said.”Priyanka Chopra currently had 2 unsuccessful love connection with her co-actors. Now that Priyanka Chopra is single, she’s ready to get along with her dream guy.

So, Priyanka Chopra we expect to see you engaged quickly.

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