Did Emraan Hashmi decide to boycott Award shows like Aamir Khan?

Actor Aamir Khan has long back boycotted Bollywood’s important award events. Possibly adopting the similar actions, it looks like actor Emraan Hashmi too doesn’t have much trust left in the Bollywood award events organised presently.

A top daily quoted Emraan indicating that he trusts in viewers appreciation, rather than any such awards. In fact, he’s got also promised not to take any awards in future. Emraan was newly chosen for Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture, but eventually he failed to bag the award home.

Possibly this has left him is serious frustration. Emraan Hashmi once said, “I may not be the darling of award rituals, but Now i’m the people’s champion.” Emraan commonly gives a miss to these events just like actor Aamir Khan.

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