Did Ekta Had A Fall-out With Akshay Due To OUATIM?

Akshay Kumar seems to have now displeased another filmmaker Ekta Kapoor after rubbing producer Farah Khan the wrong way after his last year’s release Joker.


Buzz is that Ekta, who is seeing red over the release issues of her film ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara!’ and its collections, feels let down by her featuring star Akshay Kumar. Hushed whispers doing the rounds is that Ekta feels Akshay apparently gave up on the project on the eve of the release and started distancing himself.

A source said; “Considering that Shah Rukh Khan was busy promoting Chennai Express even days after the release, she felt Akshay needed to be equally present everywhere. Initially he was greatly involved and gung-ho about the film. But a few days prior to the release of the film, especially once Chennai Express released and started steaming ahead, he seemed to have given up on OUATIM. His enthusiasm suddenly waned”

“Ekta felt when she needed him the most, he was not around. He moved on to his next project and did not even wait to see how the film was faring. It was as if he had washed his hands off the project. She feels if she had given it a last shot it could have made a bit of a difference” he further added.

However Ekta brushes off the buzz by saying; “ Ha ha ha. It’s not even remotely true. Akshay has a heart of gold and is a super guy.”

Incidentally, earlier Akshay was upset with Ekta after the whole drama throughout the IPL match in urban center. The actor beside co-stars Imran Khan & Sonakshi Sinha had gone to the city of Joy only to come back with despair, as they could not get any coverage on TV. He was made to attend an event, which had specifically banned any movie promotions, in vain.

Earlier, Akshay had rubbed Farah Khan the wrong way once he didn’t promote her husband’s Shirish Kunder’s film Joker in which he was the hero. At that point, Akshay was wired by her decision to require the aliens (that featured within the film) to Mannat to meet Shahrukh Khan as a part of the promotions for the film. He found this move strange as Shahrukh had nothing to do with the movie. Akshay apparently did not take too kindly to this.

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