Is Dhoom 3 a Copy of Hollywood Film?

Is Dhoom 3 a Copy of Hollywood Film?

Is Dhoom 3 a Copy of Hollywood Film

One of us must want this fact to know about the upcoming film Dhoom 3. Is Dhoom 3 a copy of Hollywood film? If yes then which that film is?

Headlines are on the way that ever since the trailer of Dhoom 3 was released, it has become a massive hit with over a million people watching the trailer. As audience watched the trailer, they began to comment on the video saying that it seems like a copy of the superhit Hollywood movie Now You See Me.

Are those reviews true? Is Dhoom 3 a copy of Hollywood film? Let’s talk about the comparison. The film Now You See Me is a robber-story, in which the 4 robbers are stage-performers apparently, as in Dhoom 3; Aamir Khan is a circus performer and also a robber in the film.

As trailer shows a younger version of Aamir’s character, who performs on stage with his father and later is shown screaming for his father, as if something drastic happened to the father. Now it is apparently similar to Hollywood’s “Now You See Me”.

A user commented on the trailer saying; “#Withduerespect – The movie seems like the ditto copy of the Hollywood movie ‘Now you see me’! – Background music is copied from ‘Max Payne 1′ & ‘Need for Speed MW’. – Poster is copied from ‘Dark Night Rises’. – Some scenes are taken from the movie ‘The Prestige’! Just one question… Dear Aamir Khan, Where is perfection now!”

Now the buzz is going to raise in B town that Is Dhoom 3 a copy of Hollywood film Now You See Me?

Well for now, the film is one of the most awaited movies of this year. Let’s see what reviews it gets.

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