Deepika refuses to meet Ranbir Kapoor

Suppose it or not, but Ranbir has really not gotten over ex-flame Deepika yet! In his most evident attempt to patch up with Dips, the Kapoor scion actually approached the actress at a plush hotel during the late hours in the capital, according to reports.

Buzz has it that Ranbir, who was in recent times in Delhi , approached ex-love Deepika late in the night, making his fondness for the actress pretty evident. Reports reveal that when Ranbir got to know that Deepika too was in the city for a film shoot, the actor couldn’t keep himself away from his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that the two were staying in different hotels.

Our source reveals that it was late at night and Deepika was probably fast asleep when Ranbir drove to the hotel where she was staying. However, Ranbir began knocking on her door and asking to be let in for a night-cap. But the actress is believed to have refused to open the door.

“Finally, a director friend of both the stars intervened and asked Ranbir to return to his hotel. And the Kapoor kid left after an hour or so of much persuasion,” said a source.

Grapevine has it that Ranbir has often confessed to his friends that he’s not gotten over Deepika yet. Well, looks like Deepika has got absolutely over ex-beau Ranbir and how!

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