Deepika Padukone to patch up with ex-beau Yuvraj Singh?

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is reportedly attempting to revive her connection with ex-beau cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

Deepika Padukone split up with Yuvraj Singh way back in 2008 as she was annoyed with Yuvraj’s over-possessive actions. However, Deepika seems to be serious in reigniting the past connection. After Deepika Padukone read about Yuvraj’s non-malignant tumour in his lungs, she called up the cricketer and talked to him. Deepika even went on to deliver a ‘get well soon’ note.

It’s being stated that Deepika Padukone is facing issues with current beau Siddharth Mallya, and is therefore attempting to patch up with Yuvraj Singh.

Well, time will only inform us if there’s any reality to it, or it’s all only baseless rumour!

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