Deepika overshadow Aishwarya at Cannes

It was Deepika Padukone’s first appearance at Cannes film festival and she kick-started her attendance in an Indian style wearing an outfit that completely represents Indian culture and tradition, i.e. saree. While Aishwarya Rai who has been a regular face of Cannes fail to impress this time with her western outfit.The 24 yr old Deepika Padukone stole all the attention by choosing the perfect outfit for the occasion while the 36 yr old Aishwarya Rai was left unnoticed.

Indian designers from all over complimented Deepika’s choice and said that she looked stylish as well with off-white embroidered sari with matching jewelry. The attire very well flaunted her sexy and slim body. She was looking awesome as she walked the red carpet for Chivas Regal with designer Rohit Bal who designed her costume for the international event.

On the other hand, Aishwarya who has been attending the festival since 2002 as the face of L’Oreal failed to draw credit and attract the spectators. he result was that Deepika, the new guest of Cannes won all the accolades.

Therefore, Deepika overshadow Aishwarya at Cannes.

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