Is Daisy Shah upset with co-star Salman Khan?

Daisy Shah should be thanking her stars as every beginner desires debuting with a Salman Khan movie. But hear the actress is upset with the actor. Apparently, Daisy feels Salman is not promoting her personally.

Salman, Daisy

Salman Khan has introduced numerous beginners in the industry and the actor always has, always gone out to promote all his protégés in the past. However, Salman Khan isn’t doing the same for his Jai Ho leading and that hasn’t gone down well with Daisy. Well, that’s what the reports claim. But there’s one other reason why Salman’s co-star is upset.

Reportedly, the Ms Shah thinks Elli Avram is hogging away all her limelight due to her connection with the actor. Instead of Daisy Shah, the media is focusing more on Elli.

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