Daisy Shah Charged with Attempt to Murder

Satyendra Singh is a Bhojpuri actor has blamed Daisy Shah, who raised to fame post her character opposite Salman Khan in ‘Jai Ho’, for an ‘attempt to murder’. Satyendra Singh has registered an FIR in a police station in Utter Pradesh.


Daisy Shah

In his statement, Satyendra has claimed Daisy Shah and 20 other persons for planning a plan to murder him through a car crash. The other 20 persons include Ganesh Acharya, director V K Singh and Actor Rajneish Duggal among others. As per the information received from police, a couple of days ago Satyendra met with an accident. It was when he was traveling in a car and the car met with an accident. Satyendra was severely injured.

The accident was reported as a mere mishap. But now after a couple of months, Satyendra alleges that it was a well plotted plan to murder him. He has pointed out the names of all 21 folks and has blamed them for an ‘attempt to murder’ him. The 21 people Satyendra has pointed out are part of a film crew called ‘Soda’.  The case was registered in Mainpuri district of Utter Pradesh. Satyendra is a also the president of now dissolved political party, Rashtrawadi Samajwadi Party.

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