Court rejects Salman Khan’s request to sell Land Cruiser involved in accident

A regional court has turned down the request of Salman Khan seeking approval to sell his Toyota Land Cruiser car which he was driving during the hit-and-run case in 2002 in which a person was killed and 4 others suffered injuries.

The court yesterday turned down the plea as the vehicle is an proof in the case and the trial isn’t over, said a police officer. In March this year, Salman Khan had registered a request in the Bandra metropolitan court wanting to sell his vehicle as he doesn’t need it any more.

Salman Khan’s Toyota Land Cruiser had rammed into a bakery in suburban Bandra killing one and injuring 4 other people who were sleeping on a footpath on Sept 28, 2002. The actor was booked on the charge of responsible murder not amounting to murder. However, he’d maintained that it was merely an accident and he didn’t have a motive to kill any person.

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