Court extends relief granted to Salman Khan regarding TV programme

The Bombay High Court has given the temporary relief granted to Salman Khan by restraining a private news channel from broadcast a program on the hit-and-run case in which he is an accused and facing a trial. The court, on May 30, had restrained the English news channel from telecasting the program titled “Hit and run case”, or submitting it on the Internet. Justice S C Gupte today given this interim relief till further orders, while adjourning the hearing to June 16.

Salman Khan

The TV channel had initial broadcast the program on May 21. Salman Khan, who contacted the court, has pleaded that accusations made in the programme were defamatory, and the channel sought to “dramatise and sensationalise” the case.He also asked for a restraining order against repeat telecast. Salman Khan’s lawyer had argued on May 30 that the programme would impact and bias the outcome of the case against his client.

Salman Khan is presently being tried by the sessions court for allegedly running after a group of people sleeping on a footpath in suburban Bandra while driving an SUV in 2002, leaving one dead and 4 wounded.

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