Congrats to SOTY for Completing 1 year

We will say Congrats to SOTY for Completing 1 year and its entire team members. It is an owner for them that the movie is still seen by the audience and after the completion of its 1 year there is no difference seen in its popularity rate. Karan Johar and his entire team of Student of the Year are very happy to complete its one year and celebrate this event with team members. From Mumbai the director, producer and the star of Bollywood Karan Johar is excited to make this movie that is based on a simple story, but this simple story has the power to boost the generation and refill their energy to spend their lovely time in their colleges. Their aims should not only to spend a good time in a fun and musti, but they have to win their challenges that should be at the top of the list of priorities.


The movie remains well and earns fame in the last year even today people cannot forget the name of Alia Bhatt, Siddharth and Varun. So, it’s time to say Congrats to SOTY for completing 1 year. These are the superstar of Indian Cinema Industry and become famous after the stunning popularity of “SOTY”. For future Karan is optimistic to make further super hit movie as he is doing his work with sincerity and earn a lot of fame and love from the audience due to giving the blockbuster movies. On the other side, we cannot neglect the bright future of these three stars who are not ordinary, even before making the movie because Alia Bhatt is the daughter of the lovely and famous Puja Bhatt. After her fabulous performance, she has too many chances to play leading roles even she has different options, but let’s see what she or her mother will decide for her bright future.

When we talk about the dashing heroes of this film Sidharth and Varun, then you will soon see their performance in playing different roles in different movies. Well it’s up to these movies and the characters that either they will get the same fame from these projects or their value will be down. Let’s talk about Varun; he is playing a role in the upcoming movie of David Dhawan “Main Tera Hero”. The surprising news is that he is the son of David Dhawan so hope for the best for the stunning performance of Varun. On the other side Sidharth is doing modeling for different brands and no doubt he is famous too for his dashing and attractive physique. You just wait and watch, but we cannot ignore their superb effort and will Congrats to SOTY for Completing 1 year and they are the part of this platform.

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