Celina Jaitley gets engaged to a Dubai-based hotelier

Actress Celina Jaitley is engaged but not wedded. Celina Jaitley admits her association with a Dubai-based hotelier. While talking to a tabloid, Celina discloses her committed status and how she got engaged last year.

It was a hush-hush ceremony and only a few knew about it; in fact, Celina’s grandparents too were not aware about her engagement as they are a bit conservative.

So, who is the lucky man? Celina is dating Peter Haag for the last 10 months. The actress says that her engagement ceremony was held at her house in the presence of their parents but she wasn’t keen to reveal it to all as she is a bit ‘superstitious’.

The actress is quoted as saying, “Yes we are in a committed relationship but we desired to keep it under wraps as it’s individual and everything in my life is not up for show.”

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