Bombay High Court gives nod for ‘Zanjeer’ remake release

The Bombay High Court yesterday approved an order giving Adai Mehra Productions to produce and release the remake of the Zanjeer. The remake venture had been in trouble ever since the son’s of Prakash Mehra had been battling over it.

They claim over the remake legal rights of the hit movie rose due to the legal fight between filmmaker Prakash Mehra’s boys  Amit Mehra, Sumeet Mehra and Puneet Mehra. Adai Mehra productions (AMPL), belonging to Amit Mehra, had received the rights to remake Zanjeer in Hindi and Telegu from Prakash Mehra Productions (PMP), in which the 3 Mehra brothers are the owners. PMP said to be the owner of all rights of Zanjeer.

However, when writer-duo Salim-Javed  made a claim that they’re the owners of the copyright of the story, Amit Mehra questioned Prakash Mehra Productions to clear the problem 1st and stopped paying, which caused Prakash Mehra Productions ending the agreement granting the remake rights. Though the High Court has set aside an interim order passed by an arbitrator restraining Adai Mehra from remaking the movie, the Court has also referred the issue back to the arbitrator with a direction to make a decision the issue finally within 4 months. The court has also granted a 3 week stay on its order.

Featuring Ram Charan Teja, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, Mahie Gill and Prakash Raj, Zanjeer is the story of an upright policeman, who takes on the corrupt system.


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