‘Bodyguard 2′ likely to go on floors next year

The rumors surrounding the follow up to the hit Bollywood film Bodyguard have been doing rounds for some time. But with Salman Khan hectic with other movies and producer Atul Agnihotri involved with his film O Teri, things took a backseat.

Salman Khan

“We know the audiences loved Salman Khan, so we have a lot of room to play with in the sequel as he can be a bodyguard under any circumstances. And now with the high-grade VFX quality, we’ll be more ambitious. Salman is a big star so we want to outdo Bodyguard and take the sequel a notch higher in every way,” said Agnihotri refusing to disclose any more points.

“Bodyguard 2 is actually too dangerous to talk about till it goes on floors. A lot of things including the script are in place, but it’s too early. Moreover, anything to do with Salman Khan just goes viral. Even if I do start the film, it’ll be next year, so it doesn’t make sense to talk about it now, and make my product look stale,” adds Agnihotri.

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